IN THE MEDIA : L’offre active de soins en français dans la presse

Give your Francophone customers that extra special welcome that will keep them coming back. Monthly training to up your professional game.

Are you a civil servant, or aspiring to a career in the public sector, and interested in a bilingual position?

Alliance Française Halifax provides training specially adapted to the requirements of second language evaluation by the Public Service Commission.

  • Help you maintain your current level in French.
  • Improve your proficiency.
  • Prepare you for official examinations.

Second official language qualifications and proficiency levels are identified objectively and are relevant to the duties and responsibilities of the position as it relates to communications with and services to the public and language of work.

Tests used to assess proficiency levels for general second language qualifications – A, B, or C – in written comprehension, written expression and oral proficiency are prescribed by the Public Service Commission. These tests and standards apply to all occupational groups.

There are three levels of proficiency for general second official language qualifications (source):

Level B is the minimum level of second language ability

Level C is the level of second language ability